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"I had a pain in my right arm for 2 years. After 3 appointments, I was 90% better! Now I stretch daily to keep & improve range of motion." Ed. P.

"I am impressed how thoroughly she treats each issue and takes her time."; Arati B.

"I refer a lot of my patients to Ingrid. I feel acupuncture complements homeopatic treatment. Ingrid gives a full complement of treatment including massage, IR Light Treatment, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, moxabustion, and cupping." Bonnie M., RN, DO, CNM

"I had a sinus infection for 2 months, and no success with two rounds of antibiotics. It was cleared up in 3-4 visits, and my cough improved considerably in six visits. She also treated my immune system (strengthen the chi, she'd say). I feel stronger and energized!"Lucia P.

"I was apprehensive because I knew needles would be involved. But after walking into Ingrid's lovely garden cottage and talking to her for a few minutes I very soon felt perfectly at ease. Ingrid is so skilled, I never felt anything but a light tap on my skin." Katharine Lewis

"Before going for treatment, I didn't know what to think about acupuncture. I was in so much pain, I had to try it... and was impressed. It worked!" Jim B.

"I had tried many modalities on neck and back. Nothing worked. Over a year or so, pain and stiffness were relieved! I had SHARP low back pain and other symptoms, all of which improved. Would I recommend Ingrid Shequin's services to others? Yes! And, I have!" Jonathon W.

"I had chronic hip stiffness that two different chiropractors had not cured. Within just a couple of treatments, I forgot I ever had a hip problem, which had bothered me for two years! I see Ingrid whenver I have a problem, whether it be physiological or stress related." Katharine Lewis

"Ingrid successfully treated me for one condition, then I later saw her for chronic nasal congestion. It cleared up with one treatment of herbs, taken a couple of times. I have recommended Shequin Acupuncture many times and will continue to do so." Christine S.

"I'd been to three acupuncturists before Ingrid. I went to her for back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, and ankle sprain. The progress was good overall, over a one year period. I would definitely recommend her. I am impressed how thoroughly she treats each issue and takes her time." Arati B.

"I'm conservative... I had never been treated with acupuncture. I went to Shequin Acupuncture for a chronic nasal condition. (Everyone always asked me if I had a cold.) Within 3-4 treatments, I had absolutely no symptoms. Since then, I've seen Ingrid periodically for whatever comes up, including STRESS... always with great results. I'm a believer!" Terry F.

"I've lowered my blood pressure 25 points in 2 months... to 100/65. Through Ingrid's treatments, the Chinese herbs she recommended, and more selective foods, now I don't have to be on a beta-blocker for my former diagnosis of "hypertension." As a tennis pro, I don't have to give up tennis tournaments and am even ranking as a 55 year old! Many thanks to Ingrid!" Kathy L.

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