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Shequin Acupuncture incorporates a total wellness approach in every treatment session. Maintaining a state of well-being in mind, body, and spirit is an ongoing challenge made much easier with skilled guidance. Weight loss and weight control are effectively addressed.

Ingrid Shequin, L.Ac., R.N. counsels patients on diet, weight loss, and lifestyle changes designed for their specific needs. In her practice of Oriental Medicine, she uses a variety of wellness tools including acupuncture, aromatherapy, diet & exercise guidance, and nutritional and herbal supplements.

Is weight loss important to you? Acupuncture and herbal treatments relating to weight loss are designed to affect body processes to facilitate positive change (balance) by detoxifying the body, controlling appetite, increasing metabolism, facilitating digestion, increasing energy, hormone rebalancing, and decreasing stress levels (lowering cortisol levels). With regular treatment, coaching, counseling, and commitment... we help you lose weight and achieve the results you want!

Look & feel younger, lose weight, and regain your zest for life, TODAY...
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