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Constitutional Facial RenewalTM (as trained by Chi-Akra Center founder Mary Elisabeth Wakefield) is a safe, painless and effective treatment for renewing the face as well as the whole body.Fine lines may be entirely erased, deeper lines reduced and bags around neck and eyes firmed.

Fine needles are placed at a variety of acupuncture points on the face, neck and around the eyes to stimulate the body’s natural energies, or Chi. Since muscle groups are addressed as well the acupuncture points, the face lifts itself, via the acupuncture points, through the muscles’ toning and tightening action. Acupuncture stimulates blood and circulation, which improves facial color. Just look at the benefits... facial & constitutional:
  • Improves collagen production & muscle tone
  • Helps reduce bags and sagging tendencies
  • Helps eliminate fine lines & diminish larger wrinkles
  • Helps reduce double chin & lift drooping eyelids
  • Improves facial color
  • Helps menopause, perimenopause, PMS
  • Helps sinus congestion and headache
  • Helps depression & lifts self-esteem
  • Helps to eliminate edema and puffiness
  • Can help insomnia and dizziness
  • GET MORE than just a "facial"... this is a beauty treatment AND mind/body energizer! Make an appt. today!

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